A show of hands please          Who doesn’t               like a ‘reward’ ?


Thought so.


We as HUMANS are structured, designed, evolved, created…to crave for reward(s)


I haven’t decided on the one thought that satisfies my curiosity about how we originally came to be in this body form, yet. So for now I am here thinking about, the discovery of how things work as I sit here typing in this flesh and energetic form and maybe when I have figure that part out then I’ll come to really know who we really are. MAYBE.


So here of these fascinating discoveries about our body and what it has to do with Cannabis. It’s pretty cool how connected everything really is. Like how rats showed

a couple of researchers in the 50’s that electrical stimulation tests on a certain part of the brain was stimulating and guess what? They liked it! They wanted more! So it is so. 


When we are exposed to a stimuli that feels good, (it’s like an electrical shock but not necessarily a real electric shock), the reward centre in the our brains….       

                       Light up!     (insert image here of Low Cloud blunt here)


It’s all in the Dopamine mmm hmmm.

Interesting that there is a word/sound association here

don’t you think.


Dop amine.

                                                                    Your body naturally        makes it

                                                                    Your nervous system      uses it

                                                                                                   to send messages

                                                                                                    between nerve cells

                                                                 Dopamine is    a       chemical messenger.


THC is in your Marijuana      it is     the dopamine-boosting compound 

                                                        that                        "gets you high.”


High is Happy! Happy is a reward!

(Inhale)…..,..(cough)…. why the word ‘High’?


The dictionary definition; classifies “High” as, slang or informal, when the word high is used in relation to the use of alcohol or drugs. In this use it is not a proper adjective or adverb or anything.


Personally I think it should be a verb. Because I know I’m totally in motion when I’m High, it's just that it cannot be defined by any one direction. HaHaHa


If high is supposed to be a movement upward  which way   is upward   any way?


I  heard a man on YouTube the other day tell about planets that are actually travelling spaceships. They have been hollowed out specifically to contain and move whole other types of life across the universe. So Cool!


Is it a spaceship disguised as a planet? Or a planet disguised as space ship?


Holy shit I thought this is so fascinating!

Then I wondered how many of us

being humans actually realize the fact that we are always in constant motion. All Ways.



                                on   its



                                              as   it  orbits    the  Sun           @66,600mph

                                                                            Which        orbits the centre      

                                                             of     the Milky Way   @514,500mph                                                                                      

                                                                            Which        is zipping through

                                                                                              outer space

                                                                                             @1.3 million mph

(insert sound of inhale here) wait for it…….


(Exhale)…..Could this mean that we too are a planet disguised as a Space Ship.

We just don’t know about it. Yet!


       YES!              High is a verb!

           Reward       Yourself

                  Let those  outside thoughts

                              come in.


Check this link out

                               you’ll need the variety pack

for where we’ll be going as you join me in these trippy thoughts!!


Be sure to share your own musings          leave a comment below.

we would love to hear your mind time stories in their unfolding 💓


And remember All good things come in Low Cloud packages. 💝

Cheers!                                                                                                                         Momma j

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